Blogs and Sites

Blogs and Sites


The Business of News
This blog by Penny Muse Abernathy, longtime media executive and professor at the University of North Carolina, focuses on strategic business and journalistic issues confronting the country’s 11,000 community news organization.


Neiman Journalism Lab
This Harvard University project is a collaborate effort, aimed at figuring out the future of journalism – and the digital editorial and business models of the 21st century. Research highlights attempts at innovation and dissects what will make these efforts succeed or fail.

Newsonomics Logo

Ken Doctor, former journalist, provides regular updates to his research, observations and theories about the newspaper industry. The site is devoted specifically to industry updates, emerging newspaper business models and best practices. A must read for anyone in the industry. – Bruce Kyse


Poynter Media Blog
Daily updates on developments in newspapers and broadcast. There is a broad range of news and business topics, but on any given day editors and newspaper business executives should find something relevant to their business.


Jim Romenesko blog
Formerly the editor of the Poynter blog, Romenesko provides daily news items, links and observations about the newspaper industry. Some duplication with Poynter, but Romenesko offers a slightly different perspective. Along with Poynter, Romenesko is required reading for editors and business-side executives.


Online Media Daily (Media Post News)
This is a popular source of information about digital marketing, including readership, platform and advertising trends. Not newspaper industry specific, but often applicable to the print and digital developments that will affect local media. A daily must-read for newspaper ad executives trying to keep up with digital marketing trends.

Leading provider of research in digital consumer trends and advertising. This is will give you marketing perspective of the emerging platforms and digital ad strategies. Not industry specific, but sales and consumer data have significant application to local media.


Inland Press, Knowledge for Newspapers
Inland Press has been around a long time, providing valuable data, best practices, case studies and trends in the newspaper industry. The most relevant content is in the Knowledge for Newspapers section of the website.

Strategy Consulting Companies and Business School Updates

Get weekly and monthly blogs and sites summaries of the research being conducted at leading consulting firms, such as McKinsey and Company  and Booz Allen Hamilton. Although not specifically related to the news business, there are often important insights on leadership, innovation and economic trends. In addition, many of the nation’s leading business school publish updates on faculty research: Harvard, Columbia, and the University of Pennsylvania.