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Excerpt from Saving Community Journalism

Q. How do I get a quick summary of the main points in Saving Community Journalism?

A condensed excerpt of Chapter Three, “How Newspapers Must Change” is available on the American Journalism Review website, along with an interview conducted by a University of Maryland journalism student. This excerpt focuses on why newspapers must pursue a three-pronged strategy of shedding legacy costs, building vibrant community online and pursuing new advertising revenue. There are also numerous examples on this site in the Dig Deeper section of how various newspapers featured in Saving Community Journalism have pursued this strategy.

A paper presented at the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism at Oxford University in February 2014 explains both the research methodology and context that supports the conclusions in the book. Click here to read “Re-inventing Community Journalism: New Business Strategies for the Digital Age.”

In addition, there have been numerous interviews and news stories on the book, which summarize the main points. These can be viewed on the Stay Up-To-Date section (In the News). Here are four recent selections that offer different summaries and focuses: