Monthly Archives: May 2014

Do Some Newspapers Want to Die?

Do some newspapers have a death wish?  Allegra Jordan, managing director of the consulting firm, Innovation Abbey, asks that provocative question based on her recent experience advising media and technology companies, as well as nonprofit groups that are helping communities around the world rebuild and renew themselves. (more…)
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Part Two: Reinventing the Future

What do you know today that you wish you had known five years ago?  That’s the question I posed recently to four of the most innovative publishers and editors of community newspapers in the country.   The four, profiled in Saving Community Journalism: The Path to Profitability, traveled to the University of North Carolina to…
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Part One: Reinventing the Future

Even the smallest news organizations can be trail-blazers.  Saving Community Journalism: The Path to Profitability follows the journey of a dozen newspapers as their publishers, editors and owners attempt to reinvent the way they do business.  (more…)
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